Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Another Day and Another Woman Diagnosed

In the past two weeks I have heard of three women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Now, I will say that I don't know these women personally, they are friends of friends, but I still find it disturbing that I keep hearing more stories about this everyday. How many people have you heard of that have been diagnosed lately?

Dr. Susan Love is doing a huge study of women to see what is causing this epidemic. It is called The Army of Women and The Sister Study. Her goal is to get one million women to sign up for the study. She needs both women who have had cancer and those who have not. You can sign up on her website which is We need to find out the cause and find a cure.

I also wanted to give some helpful websites to those who have been recently diagnosed. I found these to be very helpful with Staging information and the medical facts.

Sadly, I also learned that a friend's sister who has been battling Stage IV cancer for five years is not doing so well. It is hard for me to hear these stories. She is hanging on for the moment but they don't know how long she has. This story brings home the reality of this disease. So let's join that Army and make a difference.

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Anonymous said...

Seems like I know about a dozen women with breast cancer right now. There must be some environmental link. Jeanne I think your blog is brave and true. Already one friend thanked me for passing it onto her. I always wanted curly hair. Why does that happen so often that hair comes back differently? Miss you. Love, Maria