Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Favorite Gifts

Let me preface my comments here by saying this; every gift that a cancer patient receives is wonderful. They come from people who care about you and I am thankful for each and every one of them. Receiving these gifts is one of the only upsides to having this inconvenient disease. Thanks everyone.
But I have to admit that I did have my favorites. The robe to the left of this text is an example of such a gift. It is so soft you just want to sink into the soft pile and never get up( I know the chemo does that too, but this is the good not wanting to get up). I slept with this robe over me all of last winter while I was sick. I don't know why, but it has taken on a symbolic role in my life. When I wrap myself up in it I feel safe. I still sleep with this robe on top of my covers and I wear it every morning as I make breakfast for my family.
The other essential is a good pair of pajamas. Cancer patients spend a lot of time in bed and we women like to look good even when things are not going our way. A snazzy pair of pj's can go a long way to perk up the patient. I got some really great ones and I loved having a nice wardrobe of sleepwear to choose from.
I will also say that any kind of headgear is always a great gift. Keep in mind that your recipient will be bald so make sure it nice and soft. I loved all the scarves and caps that arrived at my doorstep. Bandannas are good and depending on the time of year, a nice winter hat is an idea.
Bubble bath is a simple pleasure that makes the time spent recuperating from the chemo treatments more bearable. I got some peppermint scented bubble bath that I loved.
Socks, books and magazines are god sends for the chemo days. I got some nice fuzzy socks that I wore as I got my infusions. I also liked to read about breast cancer survivors and their stories. Nothing too heavy, just true stories about women like me. Magazines of any kind are a good choice because everyone loves to flip through a magazine at the doctors office.
As I said before, I received hundreds of gifts that I loved but these are some that I found to be most useful.

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