Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Walking For the Cure

A week and a half ago, my friend Katie walked in my honor in the Breast Cancer 3 Day benefiting Susan G. Komen for the Cure in San Diego. I was quite touched by this gesture. At first I was surprised that I could motivate someone to walk sixty miles in three days,but then I remembered that Katie had been at my side right after my mastectomy. She had seen my suffering first hand. She wrote a brief description of what she witnessed on her Breast Cancer 3 day web page and the story even brought me to tears. It was and is hard to believe that was me just one year ago.
Katie was on a team called Walk Now, Wine Later! There were fifty five members of her team and they raised over $176,000. San Diego alone raised over $11 million from the 5,000 people who walked.
I asked her to briefly describe the event and she said it was like going to cheerleading camp with thousands of strangers dolled up in pink. She described the mood of the event as festive and positive but also serious. These women are walking to find a CURE for breast cancer, sooner rather than later. She said that over the three days many walkers stated that the world should feel like this more often. A world filled with love.
She described the end of the walk in the following words. "When the survivors walked the final block of the the 3 Day, they walked through a tunnel made up of the 5,000 women and men who walked. Each of those walkers held one shoe high in the air to toast these strong and brave survivors. At that moment, I knew that this was much more than a fundraiser. It was a powerful wave of inspiration and a clear sign of a CURE to come."
Thank you Katie and all of you out there who are walking to find a CURE. For our daughters and their daughters, let's hope that it is soon.

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