Sunday, January 18, 2009

Is Greed a Good thing?

I have been thinking a lot about greed lately. Our current economic crisis is because of the greed of bankers on Wall Street who took our hard earned money and squandered it on false and untested business practices. The average person did not see this coming and now we all are facing the prospect of many years of trying to make up the deficit in our retirement accounts because of the greed of a few. What lessons should we take away from this? Don't trust Wall Street? Don't save? Maybe, but what we need to remember most of all is that we should all try to live in the present and be in the moment as much as possible. We need to remember to live for today. As my husband so aptly put it, "We should be greedy for life."

Be greedy for those moments with your family and friends that help you to take a deep breath and pause. Last week my eight year old came home from school one afternoon and was in a different mood. "Mom, will you dance with me?" he asked. I was so touched. I welcomed this opportunity to stop what I was doing and put my hand on his shoulders. We sacheted around the kitchen while we hummed a tune and "preztled." After a few minutes, we got so tangled up that we ended up in a heap on the floor laughing as we went down. I can't help it, I am greedy for more moments like this.

You could say that my greed for the small moments in life comes from battling cancer. That is probably true. But as we see this economic downturn continue, I believe that everyone will have a greater appreciation for the mundane. So let's be greedy in a good way; let's be "greedy for life."

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