Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Living up to our Potential

I had a very proud moment today as a mother. My kindergarten age daughter sang a solo at her spring concert. She sang loud and clear and I was beaming as her voice rang out in the gym. I wanted to yell, "Way to go, Bridget!" But fortunately for her, I just continued to document this moment in her history on my video camera. Thank goodness it was charged up because usually my battery runs out just as I am trying to record this kind of important event.
As I left the concert I thought about potential. How do we fulfill our true potential as humans and why do some people figure it out earlier than others? Often times it takes a parent, teacher or perhaps a coach to recognize the potential in a child. For Bridget it is her music teacher. I think that he "gets her." She is a natural performer and loves to sing. She happily skips everywhere she goes while humming a tune. It is a wonderful sight to see and makes me think of all of the opportunities in life that await her.
Will she develop to her full potential? That is the tricky part. There are so many ways that she can go wrong. The path will be crooked and treacherous for her just as it is for all of us. How will she manage? I won't know for at least fifteen years. Will there be an ah-ha moment for her that helps catapult her forward toward becoming the best she can be or will she get caught up in a whirlpool of self doubt and spiral downward? I as her mother, can only build her up and hope that I can give her the tools that she needs to continue her trajectory forward.
As I sit here and think about her future, I have to force myself to live in the moment. There is such joy in her voice and happiness in her face everyday. She loves to climb in the tree and make a fort and play with her friends. I need to remember this and not get ahead of myself. These are the threads that will help her weave her quilt of life. These moments should be nurtured and cherished because hopefully they will provide the stability she will need to reach her full potential.

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