Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A New Pair of Shoes

Yesterday I was a Target scouring the shelves for a pair of Easter shoes for my daughter. I knew it was the last minute and I also knew that my chances of finding her some nice new Easter shoes were very slim. I perused the dress shoe aisle and instantly realized I was probably going to have to go to plan B, which of course I hadn't formulated yet. There were only three or four pairs of dress shoes left and they weren't even close to her size. I walked around a bit to see if there were any other shoes that could possibly pass for Easter mass and came up empty handed. So I moved on.

I found some cute summer clothes for her and a darling bathing suit, all good finds. I was pleased with my purchases but realized that my primary reason for coming to Target( which I often times forget when I get in there) was to get Bridget some dress shoes. I should just double check, I thought, maybe I missed something. I wheeled my basket back down the aisle and suddenly there they were; a size 12 pair of Mary Janes with a little heel. Perfect! I couldn't believe my good fortune. I wasn't sure that they were going to fit and the heel seemed a little bit much for a six year old but hey, I was glad to have something in hand to put on her feet rather than trying to force her to wear her old, small shoes. With a tight grip on my purchase, I took my bag of goodies and went home.

"Will you try these new shoes on for me?" I asked her when she arrived home. "They are for Easter and I need to see if they fit you." She opened the bag and let out a scream. "I can't believe that you got these for me Mommy. I thought that only Barbie's had shoes like these!" She smiled from ear to ear and I watched her as she danced around the house for the next hour. "Can I wear them to gymnastics?" She requested. I promptly replied that no, she would have to wait to wear them until Easter. "Then I am going to wear them to bed the night before so I will be ready in the morning." She retorted having thought out a plan. I smiled as I watched her dance and sing with her shoes on in front of the mirror for the next hour.

I reminisced about my favorite dress when I was her age. It was a black and white gingham chiffon dress with an empire waist that had a red rose in the middle. I wore it all the time. For pretend teas, for family pictures and any time my mother would let me put it on. I thought about how certain things in my closet still bring me joy when I put them on. I just bought a great pleated red skirt that is a knockout. I love to swish around in it and can't wait to wear it again.

I finally had to tell her to take the shoes off because it was time for gymnastics. She acquiesced and put them in a special place in her closet. I hope she enjoys those shoes and remembers them when she is forty six and has a daughter of her own. I hope that she will smile at the memory of her dancing and singing and feeling like"Barbie." It was definitely my lucky day.