Monday, May 18, 2009

My Old Hair is Back!

It has been a year and five months since my hair fell out and it is finally just like my old hair. It has been an interesting experience, the "hair transformation." When my hair first came in it was jet black and very straight. It was very severe. So severe, in fact, that I kept my wig on even after my hair was a half an inch long. It just really wasn't me. Then when it got a little bit longer, it started to curl. And when I say curl, I mean short curly black hair. Weird?/? Maybe not for people who have always had curls but for me, yes, my hair was a bit wavy but never curly.

My mother looked at me and started laughing. "You have never had hair like that your entire life! Not even when you were a baby. Where did it come from?" I laughed too. Some people I have talked to say it is from the chemo. Boy that stuff is harsh on your body. It seems like every couple of months my hair changes again lately. After the curly hair came longer curls and then it got lighter thanks to the help of my hairdresser. After my first haircut since "the balding" my curls were gone. I still had a lot of waviness in it though so everyone thought that I had a perm. Does anyone even get perms anymore?

I just got my hair cut again and had some highlights put into it. I really love it. It is the same color that it used to be and it is so soft and almost straight. I cherish my hair. I promise it everyday that I will never take it for granted and I will not abuse it. I will not over color, over straighten or over anything to it. I want it to stay on my head forever. Seems like a silly thing to wish for but after you have been sick and bald it makes perfect sense.

There are people who have only known me for a short while who don't recognize me when I see them. I have to admit, I am a little bit tired of reintroducing myself. Sometimes I wonder if it is the hair or if I have gained weight or maybe it is that I look a lot older. Since I don't want to think that it is the other things, I'll just continue to believe that it is just that people don't recognize me with this hair.
I was glad to have any hair when my hair came back in but now that I have my old hair back I look like my old self. And even though I will never be "same old self" at least I am a little bit more of a facsimile, at least on the outside.

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