Monday, November 30, 2009

Quieting the Mind

I am really trying lately to focus on the present.  I want to learn to savor each and every moment, almost like eating a really good piece of chocolate, discerning the first bite from the finish and understanding the subtle difference between the two.  Don't rush, just be, is my new mantra (Which of course will change next week).  Live in the present.  Many of life's moments may seem trivial or unimportant but there might be a greater meaning to things in my life if I really try to focus on what is happening right then and take a lesson from it.

I was running the other day when we were visiting my in-laws in Annapolis and I was struck by the stillness of the water in the Severn River which is in front of their house.  Can I possibly get my mind to be that still?  I am striving for that.  To be honest, most of the time my mind is racing from one thought to another such as what activity is going on at school or what we are having for dinner.  So the thought of having this kind of  presence of mind is a little bit daunting.  Then there is the future, looming so large and requiring so much forethought because I am sure I am going to be here to enjoy it.

When I do take deep breaths and quiet my mind, the world seems to take on a different hue.  The colors in nature are brighter, my husband's jokes are funnier and my children seem more beautiful and perfect.

So as the holiday season approaches and we rush around to please everyone, as we always do, I will try to quiet my mind and enjoy the aura of life.

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