Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tory Burch Fashion Show

Fifteen Minutes of Fame

I am modeling Tory Burch's Resort Wear for 2010.  Woo Hoo!!!

Tory with all of the models.

More me in Tory's clothes!

I had the opportunity on Monday to participate in a wonderful event sponsored by The Wellness Community of Philadelphia.  I got to model Tory Burch clothes, with twelve other cancer survivors, in front of two hundred and fifty women of the Main Line at Golf Mills Golf Club.  The entire experience was inspirational and best of all, Tory Burch was there!!!   She is such a fashion icon at the moment that I was completely
overwhelmed.  So much so that I literally didn't know what to say.

Me and my wonderful friends and a fellow model at lunch.

We got there early to have our hair and make up done by professionals and an hour later we were totally transformed.  Hair was curled or straightened as needed and make up was liberally applied(making sure to cover up the bags from staying out late at the cocktail party the night before).  We all looked like a better version of ourselves as we put carefully put on our predetermined outfits to walk down the "runway."  We thought we wouldn't be nervous but in four inch heels, on steps, in front of friends, we all got the butterflies right before we walked out.
The chatter amongst the models was so loud at one point that we were hushed by "Tory's people" so the guests could hear what the emcee was saying about each model.  The clothes were gorgeou;  they are from her Holiday and Resort Collections.  I was so happy to wear the gold and silver sweater they chose for me that I can't wait to buy it and pair it with my favorite white jeans and her signature flats.  Who knew I could enjoy being a cancer survivor so much?  I guess it is the silver lining; it seems that there always is one.

I had an opportunity to talk with Tory "one on one" and I am still laughing about the whole experience.  We just happened to be standing in the lobby waiting for the luncheon to begin and there we were, the two of us with five or seven photographers taking photo after photo of us as we chatted.  I found the experience to be extremely unnerving and lost my train of thought a couple of times while we were talking.  I finally looked at her and said, "Oh my gosh, you must be used to all of this paparazzi but I can't seem to concentrate!"  She smiled and turned her head and waived a hand nonchalantly.

 "Oh that," she said, as she waived them into obscurity.  "So tell me," She continued, grounded in the conversation, "How do you like Philadelphia?"  I took a breath and continued to talk, much more aware than ever of the idea of being present in the moment.  Here we were, in a room full of photographers, reporters and people who wanted Tory's attention and she was just fine where she was; in the moment.  All I could think after this interaction was that I need be more aware, more present and more in tune with myself and others and maybe, just maybe, I should do more yoga.      

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