Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Divine in You

So I think that I have been a bit preachy lately. Going on and on about yoga and its benefits, I guess it can get a little old. My husband, the biggest naysayer of all, had an interesting observation about my current zeal for my yoga practice.

We began our conversation last night after dinner as we cleaned the dishes. “Oh my God,” I effused. “I love yoga so much. It is so great because there is such a mind body connection. It is so uplifting to have someone speak positive thoughts over and over as you physically exert yourself. I am searching for the divine within and I feel great.” I looked over at him. His expression was bland. He clearly wasn’t sold. “Oh, come on,” I said. “Don’t tell me you don’t believe it?” Knowing full well that he didn’t, but his response not only surprised me but caused me to chuckle.

“I just have one thing to say.” He began. “Norman Vincent Peale.” I was smiling from ear to ear. Of course, he was right, it is all the power of positive thinking and it is a message that has been disseminated in many forms over the years. The thing about me is that I have always been one to succumb to trends like this. I practiced transcendental meditation in my teens and I read Norman Vincent Peale’s, “The Power of Positive Thinking” when I was in my twenties. In my early thirties, when a hypnotist came to a work conference as the evening's entertainment I was hypnotized immediately even though I was in the back of the room. There you have the crux of the argument, how critical is the power of suggestion in ensuring a happy healthy life?

Can it heal? Can it prevent disease? Can it really make you happier? Who knows? My husband, the scientist would like some empirical data to support my theory. “Just the facts ma’am” seems to be his mantra. Remember that he is trained in Western medicine. Some studies have been done, but it is difficult to quantify faith based healing.

“Ultimately, you are in charge of your own happiness.” He reminds me. “Yes,” I say. “That is exactly my point, yoga makes me happy.”

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