Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! As I look back on 2009 I am thankful for so many things and yet I realize that each year of my life after children has been both full of blessings and hardship. I want for more. I want for more peace in my life and less illness for my family and friends. This New Year, my brother-in-law, at age forty six, was in a hospital room sipping non alcoholic champagne with my sister after recovering from a pulmonary embolism. Luckily, he is home and healing now.

I am hoping that 2010 will bring more of the good and less of the bad to me. There are many philosophies that teach that you bring to life what you wish. This year, my focus is on good wishes. You can have it all, within reason, now is the time to realize that all isn’t really that much. Dinner with friends, a grandparent’s birthday, watching your children play something they love…. It is all right there. It is the moments that often pass us by because we are so busy.

I am now addicted to my yoga class, in a good way. “Be present, be mindful.” The teacher chants. “Find the divine within.” I am not sure how divine I actually am but the notion of it is intriguing. Today she asked us to set an intention for our practice that started with the same letter as our name. I chose to dedicate my practice to joy.

I am joyful for my sister and her family as they averted a health crisis and I hope that 2010 brings them all good health. I am joyful for the opportunity to have this day and its blessings. I am joyful for my good health and that of my children. It is enough.

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