Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Magic Boxes

Thankfully, my children’s imaginations are still intact despite all of the technology that surrounds them. The other night I had an opportunity to witness the magic of discovering the limitlessness of a child’s mind first hand.

It all began with the idea of presenting my husband with a unique birthday gift. My son and daughter, ages seven and nine, decided that they would give the gift of themselves. They went down to the basement and found two cardboard boxes that were left over from when we moved in(four years ago!) and asked me to put a bow on top of each as they hid within. It was all silly and fun and my husband wasn’t surprised at all when he “opened” up his children after eating his coconut cake. They thought that they were so clever.

What happened next is where the magic comes in. I moved the boxes aside, reminding myself that it was in fact time to depart with them after all of these years. Later that day, I heard my daughter say, “I am going to go into my magic box and use my imagination.” She took a throw from the couch and climbed into one of the boxes and asked me to cover her with the blanket. For the next half an hour, I heard kicking and whirring noises from the box. She finally emerged from the box only to explain to me that she had been on a space journey.

“Do you want to come into your magic box and go into space Luke?” She asked her brother. “Sure,” he replied. So they climbed in the boxes as I covered them with throws from the couch. “We need it dark because we are going into space.” My daughter explained.

So the voyage began. There were more noises and kicking and laughing and screaming. I wrote my blog and sat in wonderment at what had just happened, enjoying the irony of it immensely.

Because as I looked around at the idle Wii, DS, GameCube and cell phone I realized that they had just as much, if not more fun, in a brown cardboard box, using their own imaginations.

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