Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The OMM Spa

The other night I had the opportunity to experience the relaxation of the OM Spa. Now this is no ordinary spa, this is a spa that was invented by my seven year old daughter. “Mommy, come in here and sit down. Please relax and enjoy.” I was tired and really didn’t feel like playing but I went along with the game. I looked over next to me and there was my little red head with her arms raised and her palms open, sitting cross legged on the floor.

“Omm, Omm’” she chanted as I watched in fascination. “Welcome to the OM Spa. We do yoga and give massages here. We are going to do a down dog and an up dog now.” She instructed me in a soft trance like voice. Now I was interested. “When you have finished that, you will need to lie down.” She continued in her yogi like voice. I did my yoga poses obediently and then I became parallel on the floor, wondering what was coming next.

“What kind of massage would you like Madame?” She requested. “I would like a back massage, please.” I replied, starting to really enjoy this game. Two little hands began to knead my sore and tired back. I was thoroughly amused and was actually feeling a bit more relaxed. “Would you like an arm massage too, Madame?” The “masseuse” requested. “Of course I would,” I answered.

My daughter, with a very serious face and demeanor proceeded to massage my toes, legs, hands, and feet. “Where did you learn about yoga and massages young lady?” I inquired. “From my mother, Madame, she does a lot of yoga in our family room and she gives us massages in the morning sometimes.” I thought about this and realized how important my role is as a mother. “Well, young lady, it looks like you learned your lessons well and I know your mother is proud.” I responded, feeling both very proud and overjoyed. I guess that the OM Spa’s approach to wellness works, and I hope I will be invited back soon.

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