Friday, April 9, 2010


I saw Kelly Corrigan speak the other day about her new book, “Lift.” Not only is she charming and funny, she is quite profound. She described why she chose the title and I thought it was so interesting. She explained that lift is a hang gliding term that describes the thermal lift that hang gliders use to move the hang glider higher. They try to move from one thermal lift to another. As the hang glider moves through the air, it collides with air molecules which slow it down. The faster the glider moves the more drag it creates. The pilot’s job is to find lift to get through the areas of turbulence in order to soar.

I love this metaphor. I guess it is because I have been having one of those weeks. There seems to be so much turbulence in my atmosphere. I am searching for a little bit of lift to help get me through. I crave the ability to soar above it and fly away. Since that clearly isn’t going to happen, I will try to muddle through as best I can and keep in mind that it is all about the journey.

Kelly inspired me to write this blog with her wise words at a book reading many months ago when she had just published her first book, “The Middle Place.” I again find her words to be an inspiration. Hopefully, I can soar above it all with a little bit of lift.

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