Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Tools in My Tool Box

I was explaining to a woman I met at our pool that I had experienced disappointment because of something I had recently tried to achieve. I told her how I had been trying to reinvent myself after breast cancer, ten years of child rearing and the fallout illness has had on my family.

“It was like someone was staring me in the face, telling me the answers and I couldn’t even pick up the cues,” I complained to her. “Here I have an MBA and thirteen years in marketing for a major corporation and I basically just failed Marketing 101.” I felt miserable.

She sighed. “You just have to say that it was God’s work this time and maybe you don’t have enough tools in your toolbox. That is why I volunteer so much. You get rusty if you don’t use your tools.” What a wise statement; it was really true. I haven’t used those tools for many years because I have been so focused on other things. Of course I failed Marketing 101, I need more practice.

I vowed to do a couple of things this autumn to sharpen the tools in my tool box. I decided that I am going to try to find a writer’s conference to attend and I am going to volunteer a bit more. Rust, rust go away! I hope that soon enough I will have a shiny new tool box and perhaps next time I set out to do something I will be ready.


Lauren said...

With your marketing background, you may find you enjoy playing around with the American Marketing Associations website to catch yourself up on all the latest trends. Here's a link to their resources, you may like some of the webcast: http://www.marketingpower.com/ResourceLibrary/Pages/default.aspx

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Chez said...

Jeanne, each of us has a tool box in which these words of wisdom will fit into perfectly.
Thank you for sharing

Jeanne Marren Egan said...

Thank you Lauren- I will check it out.