Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I was so proud of my children. They worked so hard to make this event happen. They were Co-Chairs for a Mini Golf Tournament to benefit The Wellness Community of Philadelphia. All of the proceeds of the event are going to help kids with cancer. At first, when we made the commitment for them to be chair people, I wasn’t sure that they would understand the importance of their role as organizers of the event but they did not disappoint.

They printed out letters and sent them to our friends and family to acquire sponsors. They made a particularly compelling presentation to their grandfather and a few other people. They also walked around the town of Wayne and asked small business owners to donate items and were quite successful in this endeavor. Almost every business they approached was willing to give something- even if it was small.

My son and two of his friends who were also co-chairs spoke in front of his school assembly and told the children about the event and the mission of the organization. They wanted to make sure that the event was well attended. The kids they spoke to were very excited about helping kids with cancer, playing mini golf and of course having ice cream.

I was touched by the honesty that Luke had during this presentation. “My family has had a lot of cancer,” he said as he took the floor. “One person has died from it, one person is dying from it and my mom had it. This event means a lot to me.” I almost burst into tears. Cancer has made a huge impression on my ten tear old. He won’t ever forget what we went through.

On the day of the event we had a great turnout and raised about $20,000for The Wellness Community. Most importantly, the kids had fun while raising money for a worthy cause.

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merle said...

Dear Jeanne:
We have never met but definately have one thing in common..The Wellness Community! What a fantastic job you and your children did in helping to raise money through the mini golf many creative ideas and such bravery for your son to speak at his school. May you continue to enjoy good health and thank you for helping TWCP to continue its many programs.